Historical Background

Damascus University is not only the largest of five universities in the Syrian Arab Republic, but also the oldest for it traces its beginning back to the early twentieth century. The university has just entered the ninth decade of its life and still continues to raise the banner of thought, science and knowledge without hesitance or apathy. The university is keen for Arab generations from all over the Arab world, as well as foreigners, to draw from its light and drink from its trough. And even though Damascus University today is a towering structure integrating all the faculties, it started its long journey with careful, paced steps and then accelerated its steps to achieve the progress and expansion that it boasts of now.

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The logo of Damascus University

The emblem of Damascus University reflects the importance of science and endless desire of human for knowledge, as well as the privacy of Damascus in development of science and scientists.

The color of raspberry stands for the damascene raspberry which is a fruit found only in Damascus, expressing the uniqueness of this university just like this fruit.

It is worth mentioning that this color is adopted for the signature of the president of Damascus University, a property not shared with any other president of any university all over the world.

The lamb is the symbol of knowledge in different cultures, it radiates the light of knowledge  and science, crowned with a verse from holy Quran: "say oh my Lord, provide me with knowledge", which is the real message of Damascus University and its non-stop seeking.


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